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Welcome to the World of Natural Food Products

Quartier Gourmet Natural Foods Gluten Free Mauritius

The Quartier Gourmet opened in August 2006 and our emphasis is to offer natural food products, without any additives, preservatives or food colors wherever possible. Our range of food products include nut kernels, dried fruits, cereals, extra virgin olive oil, olives, olive tapenade & olive jam, chilli products, vinegars, dressings, honey & jams, bread mixes, seasonings, dried herbs, dried pasta, South African & German wines, Liquors, typical German products and much more…

At Quartier Gourmet you will find the best Swiss Chocolate in the Indian Ocean, proudly ‘Made in Mauritius’ by our own Chocolatier which studied and learned this special art of its kind in Switzerland…famous for its world class fine chocolates

Here you find the best Farm cheese in the Southern Hemisphere exclusively imported and made in the old traditional way on our selected farms in South Africa to be accompanied by our freshly baked dark rye bread from our imported French & German bread flour…or rather an Italian Ciabatta?

We do our own pastries and cake, our chocolate cake is one of the best, or do you rather like a Black Forrest? Our Chef Patissier is a master of his art and our Birthday cakes are more than special.

Quartier Gourmet Natural Foods Gluten Free Mauritius

Buy your fresh meat from beef and lamb, all prime quality only. Maybe you'd like to try our range of Karan beef, the top of the class. You also will find fresh products from Europe like Foie Gras, fresh berries or even fresh salmon.

Our German beers are world renowned, our fruit juice for Gourmets and our imported Mineral water don’t need any further comments.

If you are looking for a present, we have a nice range of gifts & candles the whole year through.

We surely cater your need in the special times of the year like Easter and Christmas. Everything you need at these festive time like Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies as well as the delicious Stollen (German Christmas Cake with or without Marzipan), ginger bread (old school, this has nothing to do with your smart phone ;-) ) specialities, Santas made from chocolate and Advent Calendars.

Quartier Gourmet Natural Foods Gluten Free Mauritius

In 2008 we introduced organic products, diabetic food as well as gluten free articles. Do you have an allergy or food intolerance? We are here to help you and giving you ideas for a well balanced diet suiting your own personal needs.

Beginning of 2011 we started selling our first organic vegetables and our range of products is continuously increasing…

At Quartier Gourmet you will find the service you need, personalised, professional and ready to help.

And of course at Quartier Gourmet you will find us…

…Your friendly Quartier Gourmet Team

Quartier Gourmet
Welcome to the World of Natural Food Products
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