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To improve your search results, here some little tips:

Keep in mind, when you search for a combination of words, let's say for example gluten free products, you will get a huge list of results.
Searching like this gives you every product that either contains the word gluten, free or products . So if you would like to see only the results containing gluten free products as you have entered it, then you need to formulate your search like this 'gluten free products' (having the desired search term within apostrophes)
Unfortunately, as written above you most probably wouldn't find an entry, because no product will have the word combination gluten free products. Just try to form it a bit simpler and search instead just for 'gluten free'.

Popular Tags Block

To ease your search you can also use the Popular Tags box on the left. There are some predefined search requests which should give you sometimes a direct hit to the correct product(s). You can even define your own tags by going on a product page and use there the Product Tags Section. Just add your product tags in the given field an save them. Please note that these tags are subject to admin moderation, meaning we check them first, to avoid any double tags or inappropriate tagging.

Using Google for a specific web page search

You can also use Google to search in a given web page. Enter in the search bar for example: 'Earl Campbell' site:espn.com than Google gives you all their results regarding 'Earl Campbell' on the page www.espn.com. Replace the search term as you wish, and/or also the website name, but leave the site: as is. This ensures that Google only searches in this web page.

A short overview of above mentioned:

    • Searching for a combination of words: put them in apostrophes like 'gluten free'.
    • Some search terms are predefined in the popular tags block on the left.
    • You can add your own tags to a product in the Product Tag section of the product page.
       How to tag a product