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Custom Cakes

Beside the below listed cakes we can also make custom cakes on request.

Please note that we cannot take any orders for "figure" cakes, cakes looking like a special device, person, plant, flower, ship, car etc. you name it. Additionally to our cakes in our shop and online we can for example create Black Forest Tart, Lemon Merengue, etc. Please give us some time in advance for your special order to be done (14 days).

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  1. Black Soft Chocolate/Apricot Cake

    Black Soft Chocolate/Apricot Cake

    Rs 300.00

    Black Soft Chocolate/Apricot Cake Learn More
  2. Blueberry Muffin

    Blueberry Muffin

    Rs 910.00

    Blueberry Muffin Learn More
  3. Brownie Cake (normal/glutenfree)

    Brownie Cake (normal/glutenfree)

    Rs 300.00

    Brownie Cake (normal/glutenfree) Learn More
  4. Cheesecake (6/8 persons)

    Cheesecake (6/8 persons)

    Rs 85.00

    Cheesecake (6/8 persons) Learn More
  5. Chocolate Muffin normal/Gluten Free

    Chocolate Muffin normal/Gluten Free

    Rs 250.00

    Chocolate Muffin normal/Gluten Free Learn More
  6. Lambada Fruit Tart (different fruit)

    Lambada Fruit Tart (different fruit)

    Rs 450.00

    Lambada Fruit Tart (different fruit) Learn More
  7. Linzer Tart

    Linzer Tart

    Rs 175.00

    Linzer Tart Learn More
  8. Muffin


    Rs 910.00

    Muffin Learn More

8 Item(s)

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