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Web Shop

Welcome in our virtual shop. We are looking forward to deliver to you. Instead of taking a long hot drive to our shop we come to your home, company or a meeting point to deliver you the products.

Even if you see the categories are not bearing any products, for example "(0)", in the menu on the left: There are products. Just click further until they appear in their sub category. We will make them visible in the parent categories too.
There is an easier way to navigate the shop. Just hover the mouse over the "WEBSHOP"-Link on the top of the page and the subcateories are opening. Now go further to any other subcategory you wish to see and click once you have found the desired category.
You also can use the search bar to look for products in our shop.
A third way are our popular tags. Click on the one you wish to see and all products fitting in this will be presented to you.

If you are not at ease with ordering in an online shop feel free to send us a mail with the desired products via our contact form.
To be able to order via our online shop (and see the prices) you must sign up an account and send us a mail with your home or company address. Once we have this we can activate your account.
You can also send us all your information via the above linked contact form and we will create the account for you.  

In case you want to find out about how our delivery is working, here are more info about our delivery service.