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  1. Chia Seeds - 200g

    Chia Seeds - 200g

    Rs 440.00

    Seeds are by their nature high in energy and fibre. Chia is known as an ancient food of the aztecs. These chia seeds have a mild pleasant taste and can be used as an energy, fibre and omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Learn More
  2. Chia Seeds 500g

    Chia Seeds 500g

    Rs 480.00

    Quick Overview

    The food that means strength in Mayan, offering a spectacular nutritional profile with thousands of years of history as a revered crop.

    Learn More
  3. Organic Golden Linseed - 250g

    Organic Golden Linseed - 250g

    Rs 230.00

    Health Connection Organic Golden Linseed Learn More
  4. Organic Wheat Seeds 200g

    Organic Wheat Seeds 200g

    Rs 180.00

    Quick Overview Quality seed for growing wheatgrass at home. Growing your own food is one of the most important things you can do to take back your health. Learn More
  5. Pumpkin Seeds 200g

    Pumpkin Seeds 200g

    Rs 157.00

    Pumpkin Seeds 200g Learn More

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